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    Hotel Review

    In my lifetime, I have only passed through Ipoh twice. Nothing piqued my curiosity about the small town, until I came across pictures of M Boutique Hotel from a law school mate’s fb album. I looked at the pictures at instantly felt an affinity for the place without having even been there. I knew I had to make time for a staycation in Ipoh, somehow.

    So I finally secured a date in my schedule for a one night stay in M Boutique — and together with Mr Khoo, set off to discover what M Boutique and Ipoh had to offer.

    The ETS from KL- Ipoh was severely delayed, so we had to drive there.

    It took us around 2.5 hours to finally reach M Boutique close to 7PM. The building wasn’t hard to miss.
    Yay! Made it.

    They have a store adjacent to the reception area where they sell unique M Boutique merch. Their designer pillows are a prominent feature of the shop and the lounge area, making the whole place more comfortable and relaxing with a high street feel to it:

    Time to check in and get our key.

    Here’s a sneak peek of the room:

    M Boutique’s attention to every detail of your room makes you want to pay attention to all the little things. Every item placed in the room was designed with a meaningful purpose behind it. From their custom made bathrobes, bathroom slippers, coasters, to other items which I will highlight below:

    Socket cover in the washroom to prevent from accidentally electrocuting yourself:

    In-built safe — first time seeing this design:

    Boutique designer toiletries:

    Wandered around the common area and was subject to similar impressive decor, particularly the gym area:

    Our first night in Ipoh went by quietly. We went out to have a late dinner at around 8ish PM However many places were already closed so we ended up at a very pricey western restaurant called Indulgence, where the food was average. Then we explored Ipoh nightlife, which consisted of a few rows of empty bars with underaged Chinese girls clad in tube tops and mini shorts manning the front doors. We ended up having a drink at a crowded family pub where we watched a live band which was pretty decent and a family play darts in the corner. Then we went back to the hotel to catch up on some much needed sleep.

    We had breakfast at The Myth the next day, which is in the ground floor of the hotel. Yet another impressive space within M Boutique which looks like a cafe out of Europe:

    Breakfast set menu (cereal, big breakfast, fruits):

    And who can forget Ipoh’s signature Old Town White Coffee? The coffee is fragrant, followed by good presentation.

    We then checked out to look for authentic Ipoh fare at Thean Chun where their Ipoh Hor Fun is legendary. But prepared to wait an hour at least for your food.

    A big thank you to the M Boutique family who arranged for my room and made my stay a welcome one. I left feeling M-spired by my first stay in Ipoh’s finest boutique hotel. It made the 2 hour journey back to KL go by a lot more quickly and gave me some decor ideas for my studio as well. Who would have thought Ipoh would have such a gem of a hotel?

    Peace x

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